Student Testimonials

“Whilst studying Religious Studies at Cadbury Sixth Form College I have developed a much clearer understanding and awareness of the world’s most popular religions. Religious Studies appeals to individuals who are inquisitive and willing to challenge their own attitudes and beliefs, as well as those of others.” Niyaz

“I studied Sociology with English Language and Psychology at Cadbury Sixth Form College, achieving AAC grades. I am now studying a degree in Sociology at the University of Liverpool.” Hannah

“Studying Sport & Exercise Science gives me the opportunity to work on individual and team skills, whilst also allowing me to develop my knowledge in Physiology so I can go on to University and study Physiotherapy.” Sheniqua

“It’s so much more coursework based than it is for GCSE. That sparks imagination and it’s a pretty amazing thing when teachers teach you practical skills and then just let you get on with it, and let your imagination carry you across your course.” Finn

“Doing this qualification has really pushed me ahead. I feel like the experience at Cadbury has been very inclusive. The students here are diverse and the teachers are very accepting.” Aqael

“It’s been a good experience as it’s different to how we used to do it in secondary school. This is where teamwork and communication skills come in.” Deborah

“You’ll be given a topic and you’ll find your own route and your own ideas and you build on them. So it goes from a massive scramble of everything to getting that one final piece.” Ciaran

“Pretty much on every module you’ll cover, you’ll do some kind of practical investigation. It’s really useful to see how the knowledge that you’ve learned can be applied in science and how you can learn about things like respiration and how it can be implemented in the real world. All the teachers are really helpful here.” Elliott

“So two days we do placement, and we watch the development of children and how they learn. Everything we learn in class we implement in a nursery setting. The teachers support you really well in your work so you can achieve the best grade, and if you are struggling with your grades, they’ll push you to get the best grades you can achieve.” Tanya

“I think it’s nice that you have that choice as in a lot of colleges you have to do certain topics. I could choose which topics I was more interested in. The teachers have been really helpful and are always around to help when you need them to be. Even when you’re not in college they’re really quick to respond on emails at any time of the day.” Zabrina

“If you think that you need GCSE experience – you don’t. You can completely start from scratch and it’s not daunting because you don’t jump straight into international trade and globalisation. You start from the local UK economics system and you build up on your knowledge as you’re going along. The Economics teachers are absolutely lovely. They give you information about work experience events that are happening locally, and because of that I managed to secure a Goldman Sachs and a Morgan Stanley insight week programme which was really good to go on the CV as well.” Asha

“The teachers have been really kind and supportive since the start.” Salima

“American and British History has been super-interesting. We delve into our coursework and for that we went to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool. There’s just a lot of mutual respect from teacher to student.” Joe

“There’s tons of support from the staff and I do find lessons really fun. I’m really fortunate to do Maths as all of my other subjects are humanities based, but I also really love STEM subjects as well, and so coming here I’ve been able to do both and there’s been no problem, with no timetable clashes, as Cadbury made sure I was able to do everything that I wanted to do.” Ellie

“I moved from a sixth form and restarted here and it’s just been an overall better experience. Music is literally one of the best courses I could ever ask for. We’ve got such an amazing teacher. It’s very performance based which is what I thrive in. We do ensemble work as a group and we do solo work. There’s still a bit of theory in there and we put on gigs in the canteen every few weeks.” Emily

“This course is more workshop based and the second year is really practical. We have trips planned out and performances. This college is so inclusive in terms of anyone can join.” Tia

“The course is split into the UK and the US with two different teachers – both of them incredible. We do have a lot more freedom in this college and it’s nice because we can revise how we want and at any point in time we can go to our teachers and they’re always there to help us. They always make time for us.” Praveer

“It’s very different from GCSE in the sense that you’re not just focusing specifically on how people of a certain religion live their lives. These are huge almost incomprehensible ideas that do make their way into your mind. I think it’s now probably my favourite subject.” Thomas

“You get an insight into a different culture. One thing I really like is how dynamic it is so it’s not like secondary school where you have the teacher really far from the student. Here it’s more. I really like my teachers, they’re really supportive and they made the lessons really accessible with their own tactics, when sometimes the topics are hard. They also offer trips to Spain.” Omaima

“We look at the theory. We talk about issues and injuries. There are practical elements like how to do coaching, how to set up a coaching session, how to communicate. My teachers are great at communicating and we know what we’re doing when it comes to work. There’s great student feedback so you do feel part of the sporting area.” Jake

“It’s mostly go into the classroom and go straight ahead with our own work. We all have our own individual projects. Recently we’ve been to the Herbert Art Gallery for textiles to visit Daniel Lismore which is great and I think that organising all these gallery visits is so great for our research as well. We’ve been to London and Tate Liverpool. We have such great teachers. They’re really encouraging. The teaching style here and the friends I’ve made here are really great. I cherish the memories that I’ve made here.”

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