Religious Studies challenges people to think deeply about some of the most profound questions in life. It is an academic and demanding course, in which discussion plays an essential role. The course promotes independent critical thought and the ability to construct arguments. It encourages students to develop an awareness of different ways of understanding the world as well as a deeper understanding of their own views and opinions. Religious Studies appeals to individuals who are inquisitive and willing to challenge their own attitudes and beliefs, as well as those of others.

Specific requirements

  • A minimum of 5 GCSEs, 2 at grade B and 3 at grade C, including English Language.
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What will I study?

Awarding Body:

  • OCR


  • Examination - 100%

Course Content:

  • The Philosophy of Religion unit studies some of the classic arguments which attempt to prove the existence of God together with the philosophical challenges to these arguments. We will also consider the challenges to religious belief posed by psychology and science.
  • The Islam unit addresses issues that are relevant to our modern lives such as the relationship between religion and rationality as well as asking questions that have troubled humans for centuries about the nature and value of faith, their place in the world and the meaning of existence.
  • The Ethics unit asks questions about what makes a right thing right and a wrong thing wrong. It asks whether there are absolute rules which we should always follow, or should we be more concerned about the consequences of our actions? We also get to grips with some of the most pertinent ethical issues raised by abortion and euthanasia.

Where does it lead?

Students can follow a variety of paths including degrees courses, employment or an apprenticeship. A qualification in Religious Studies can lead to a wide range of careers including working in the media, law, medicine, social work and teaching.


“I studied Religious Studies with History and Sociology at Cadbury College - I also received the award for Religious Studies at the end of my final year, by consistently working hard and engaging with philosophical issues. I am now studying a degree in International Relations with Political Science at the University of Birmingham.”

Josef Galkowski