Language is the shared system we use to communicate our ideas about the world and influence other people’s thinking. English Language A-Level is all about the ways language works in the world: its purposes, audiences and contexts. As an English Language student you will learn how language develops and changes and how to analyse diverse texts in depth. You will also get the chance to produce your own creative pieces.

Specific requirements

  • A minimum of five GCSEs, two at grade 6 and three at grade 4.
  • GCSE English or English Language and English Literature at grade 4.
  • Students wishing to enrol on more than one A Level English course must achieve a grade 6 in GCSE English Language and a grade 6 in GCSE English Literature.
  • You must be prepared to read widely, write essays and conduct independent work in your own time, such as collecting your own texts or gathering data for personal investigation.
    • Please click here to see grades conversions in line with the new grading system.

What will I study?

Awarding Body:

  • AQA


  • Examination - 80%
  • Coursework - 20%

Course Content:

  • In English Language, you will:
    • Analyse a range of texts from different contexts, using linguistic terminology to explain their links and differences.
    • Explore ways in which language is influenced by different social contexts such as gender and power.
    • Explore the ways children develop language.
    • Explore ways in which language changes over time.
    • Produce your own language investigation, analysing a topic of your choice.

Where does it lead?

English is a useful subject for a wide range of careers including publishing, teaching, law, accountancy, marketing and jobs in the arts and media industries. A range of English-related courses are available at university, and our English Language students have undertaken courses such as English and Popular Culture, English Language and Linguistics, English and Creative Writing, English and Communication Studies and Journalism.


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“I studied English Literature & Language with History and Media Studies at Cadbury College, achieving BBC. I am now studying a degree in English at the University of Plymouth.”

Daniel Greene