The Offer

Students enrolling at Cadbury College for the first time (in August/September 2017) will be offered the choice of free City-wide bus passes or, alternatively a free laptop. Those students who qualify for the national Bursary scheme (household income below £22,000 per year) will get a bus-pass and a laptop*.


Terms and Conditions

  1. To receive the offer all students must pay their £25 book deposit. This deposit is returned when the student leaves the College*.

           Bus Passes

  1. Bus passes are issued on a termly basis.
  2. The second and consecutive bus passes can only be issued if attendance in the preceding term has been good (90% or better).
  3. Lost bus passes will not be replaced.


  1. Laptops will be issued after students have completed six weeks of study at the College.
  2. The laptops will have a two-year hardware warranty – faults will be rectified at no cost to the student.
  3. The laptops will have Windows 10 installed. Students will need to install their own Office 365 software via a free-of-charge account provided by the College. A few courses have specialist software requirements for coursework and these licences will be provided.
  4. Students provided with laptops are responsible for their safe keeping – damage and the cost of repair is their responsibility, although the College will do its best to effect repairs as cheaply as possible.
  5. Students whose attendance falls below 90% by the end of the Spring term in their first year at Cadbury will lose their right to this offer and will have to return their machine to the College.
  6. *Students receiving financial support from the Bursary scheme will have to return their laptop to the College when they complete their studies or pay £25 to keep it – effectively, they will give up their book deposit.   



August 2017

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